Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Persistence from a Distance

This is the theme when Mr Renn tells his version of our dating story.  Be persistent, but not oppressive.

Finally a real date to a #rooftop_concert. 3 years in the making. #thenationalparks #thelowerlights

It looks like it works both ways.  I've been asking to go to a Rooftop Concert for years.  We finally made it happen, to see the Lower Lights, with dinner beforehand at Station 22.  It might not seem like a big deal, but it was way outside of Mr Renn's comfort zone, and the man does not expand his comfort zone lightly.  He finally humored me, and it was a big deal for me, and for us.  The fact that it happened still feels like a victory for our marriage.  (Even if he complained through the opening bands.) The fact that all of our kids got sick on our babysitter while we were gone feels rather like karma.  Of course they got sick on the one night I'd been hoping would happen for such a long time.  Parenting, I tell you, is chuck-full of irony. Too much of it to find it funny in the moment, but always enough to evoke a smirk in retrospect.

1 comment:, the way of the hummingbird said...

all i can say, at least you still look like you just got married. sorry to hear that what you came home to afterwards wasn't as exciting. =/

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