Thursday, September 04, 2014

Bunny, lately

This poor undocumented girl.

IMG_6752august 2014demilleold house Elliot Preschool

The consensus is that they must have based the Despicable Me minions on a 20-month-old just like her.  She is crazy, and hilarious, and crazy, and insane. And you should hear her say "Spi-bull Me!" when she wants to watch those minions while I am fixing her hair.  (Were it not for the iPad, she'd be in a permanent state of rat-nest-ness).


She is also needy, as in she needs every blanket, and "baby" and stuffed animal in the entire house with her at all times.  Oh, the meltdowns. They're kind of funny, if you can keep from going insane.

IMG_6421august 2014demillenew house

But mostly, she just knows that she's the boss around here.  If mom doesn't facilitate her whims, she's got 3 devoted brothers to turn to.  And dad is wrapped around her little finger.  The girl tends to get what she wants. As a disturbing number of strangers have pointed out in the grocery store and other public settings, she needs a younger sibling or she's going to be spoiled rotten. We'll get around to that, eventually.


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