Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The bright side

So, let's remember what I did manage to pull off this Christmas:

Temple Square (that's my "I should be studying!" face)

St. Lucia Day; Bunny and I delivered Lussetkater to every Scandinavian we knew of.   (St. Nicholas Day got put on hold this year; Mr Renn's Grandfather's funeral was that day and we left before the crack of dawn to drive there)


Several dinner guests.  I'm sure I had my "I should be studying!" face on for them too.  Mr Renn did all the cooking, I just had to set the table.



And.... this is Christmas eve.  I was so burnt out; all I wanted was to melt into my bed and sleep for a week. Can you imagine me even trying a stunt like that with these crazy people in the house?


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