Thursday, January 01, 2015

Lightness of Being


Bunny is buoyant.

Despite being a whirling dervish of physical energy, she is also radiantly pleasant. She has the attention span of an attention deficit puppy, but she's polite about it. This girl must say "thank you" more than a hundred times every day.  And she still says "come see me" when she wants to be held (which is pretty much always), and she's got emotional radar.  Whenever anyone else in the house is feeling grumpy or sad, Bunny is instantly underfoot offering hugs and snuggles or to have your cheeks held between her palms.

She also calls her belly button a belly butt.  Which cracks me up every time.

Her inherent interest in the well-being and emotional state of the people around me brings me joy.  It kind of feels like there is a tender plant growing that will one day become the type of a tree I could pass all of my stewardships over to when death comes for me.  There will be someone around to love my people the way only I know they need to be loved.


I actually spent time today trying to guess how old she'd need to be to introduce her to several of my most indulgently favorite things.  Anne Shirley, first and foremost.  I see a lot of them in each other.

So while I'm not sure what I expected having a girl to be like, it's not what I expected.  It keeps surprising me with how awesome it is, and fun, and terrifying.

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