Friday, January 02, 2015

Things to think about.

I have decided that a cliche link round up is useful enough to adopt, even if generic conventions make me uneasy.  How about I keep a record of all the things I read during each week that give me pause and help to shape my thinking?  That doesn't mean I agree with everything I share, it just means that I felt it stretch my mind in some constructive direction.  I hate to risk vulnerability if someone dislikes or agrees with something I share, but hopefully more good than ill will come of it.

*An old TED talk on regret that I found awfully freeing and compassionate.  Plus I've never believed that living without regret was a viable possibility.

*A crystal clear template for setting achievable goals and resolutions.

*Why the World is Not Falling Apart, and statistical validation for my inability to be a news junkie.

* And there were no poor among them. (My opinion on welfare is crazy complex, and still developing.  This was good food for thought).

*This video had me weeping, in the best way.  I suppose it's about the power of music, but more than that the power and gift of interpersonal connection.

* "Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy." Some stunning thoughts on maintaining a Christ-centered home over at Tollipop, where Kirsten is perhaps the most generous spirit in the blogosphere.

*My favorite posts at By Common Consent were both by Russel Arben Fox last week.  Blessings from (really) reading the pentateuch, and an adult's belief in Santa Claus.

*Almost precisely the type of resolutions I need to be making (especially #1!)

*My friend Heather is so awesome that even when she has life shattering experiences, there is still awesomeness in her version of it.

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