Friday, February 13, 2015

Things to Think About #7

  • Goodness is Rarer Than Greatness.  A great suggested read from my friend Brian for the biggest faith challenge of our day. 
  • A neurologist's take on the secret to a happy brain. Turns out it's no secret, it's been discovered by most major theologies, but now we know more about why.
  • I'm curious to see this new documentary about abandoned babies in Korea. It's fascinating to consider how cultural pressures and culture-specific taboos and shaming shape such fundamental issues. 
  • We're trying to raise money for this scholarship right now, consider a small donation. We're trying to remember one stellar human being with fondness and gratitude. 
  • He neither slumbers nor sleeps.  A beautiful expression of awareness, tender mercies, and utter helplessness.
  • Has anyone tried the Unstuck App?  As someone who struggles with anxiety, I'm really tempted by the premise. Could it really get me out of my many ruts?
  • I'm a long time fan of Margaret Blair Young, and I'm super intrigued by her latest endeavor. A narrative film exploring race relations in the LDS mission field in the Congo. 
  • Thought provoking article on gender and workplace "housework." I've seen this kind of gendered work expectation in my own workplaces, and in most others I've been exposed to.  I wonder if a cultural shift is likely? I know my generation of husbands do more (home) housework than their predecessors. 
  • A poetry slam by Lone Peak High School staff - We See You - a message for students everywhere. A rather useful reminder to all of us really, that we cannot see the end from the beginning. 

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