Monday, March 21, 2016

intentions smacking headlong into reality

Chilling, as it were.

So I had this goal to start posting regularly again, and it was a good goal.  At some point in recent weeks I even hashed out a tentative 'editorial schedule' with post ideas and the works.  Only a few things I forgot to consider: sleep deprivation and lack of discretionary use of my hands.  Plus there's the part where several of my ideas for posts seemed pretty lackluster when I went back to look at my list.  Like the part where I was going to dissect how the internet treated International Women's Day and how pretty much everyone used it as an excuse to reinforce their current (inevitably limited) paradigm of what a valuable woman looks like.  The whole spectrum of popular sentiment about women was represented, but I think very few people's views were expanded, which tends to be the result of designated days.  In my brain I was going to cleverly illustrate this with examples and responses, but I guess I forgot that to make such a post relevant and arresting it would have had to have been posted very shortly after Intl. Women's Day, and also it would need to be thoroughly researched, and I didn't even come close to having enough time on my hands to tackle such a thing.  But hey!  John Oliver tackled it, so at least I can feel like the idea didn't necessarily suck.

In the meanwhile, I'm still struggling to feel like I've got my feet under me.  I get glimpses though, and that's encouraging.  I mostly just need more sleeeeeeep, and then I'll be pretty well human again.  Just trying to patient through these first few months when babies are sweet but are also kind of like lizards with only three modes: asleep, reasonably content, and clearly unhappy. Personality tends to crop up around 3 months, and we're looking forward to it. I am trying to enjoy the sweetness of now too, but uber-needy newborn is not my very favorite stage (I know for some people it is, and those people are welcome to show up for a baby-holding fix while I frantically tackle home keeping chores.)

I remember we started babysitting a 6-week old almost a year ago, but only once a week.  I was thinking, "Wow- this is totally do-able when it's not every day, all day and all night!" Taking care of newborns isn't inherently hard, its not sleeping and not having predictable breaks that is hard.

Anyway - posting.  I hope I somehow get back into the habit.  Bear with me and my efforts as I figure it out.

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Unknown said...

Nice post. Lol. I wonder if I am the only one who did not realize this was a different post than the previous one. The picture was the same so I passed over it several days thinking I had already read it. Glad I took a closer look today. I wish I lived in UT as I would love to get a baby holding fix.

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