Monday, April 04, 2016

Fuzzy brain cocoon

There is a biblical ideal that in one's household things should be done in wisdom and in order, be reasonably easy to navigate and generally make sense.  I totally understand this theoretically, but in practice we are a train wreck over here.

When we moved in almost 2 years ago, we were in a frantic and unorganized state.  I was falling desperately behind in my last semester of classwork for my MA, and my goal was just "good enough for now" in order that I might keep my head above water and not have to drop out of school.  Thus, we have never established good systems for household operation here, and have now had plenty of time to get into bad habits.

This messy state of affairs has been triply muddled by the unfinished state of our house, and our fits-and-starts approach to finishing its spaces.  The pay-as-you-go method of remodeling is not conducive to orderly living.

So we have found ourselves, less than a week before we are supposed to host company for the Duke's Baby blessing, with a basement full (no really, full) of drywall, and heaps of things all over the house that have never really had a home in our home.  The overall effect is ever-so-demoralizing.

Drywall piles

On the bright side I've got enough morale to keep pushing through, and to try to figure out how to break large projects into smaller ones that can be accomplished in short, uncertain periods of baby-napping. But the going is slow, and the kids are less-than-onboard with the whole "let's not live in squalor" thing.

Picking up the pieces of our family organization is always kind of an ugly part of my postpartum experience.  Things fall apart so extensively while I gestate.  And now, here I am in the tired, tired throes of late newborn-hood, pulling myself up by my bootstraps every single day.  I am getting too old for this kind of exhaustion.

IMG_6971august 2014demillemoving in and getting settled

I might share some before and afters, just to cheer myself on. (with totally un-styled, SOOC camera-phone pics, because that's what I've got. And yes, the lamp cord is now burning my eyes.) At the moment I can only tell you that the maroon wall is finally not maroon.  (We beefed up the baseboards, and did a Ralph-Lauren paint that goes on like plaster, so there's a texture thing going on there that isn't showing up with great fidelity in the photo, but the reflective quality of this wall has been nice in our dark, cavelike living space.)  I have yet to decide what else will hang on that wall though, I'm waiting on a new clock to base the whole layout around. .

Drywall piles

And, it's spring break.  Of course it is.  The entropy is poised to swallow me whole, but I'm determined to at least not lose my temper.  We'll see how I do. 

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