Thursday, December 15, 2005

Reporting for Duty - and the NEWS

Well, I owe it to everyone to minimize suspense.
Nothing went quite as expected(does anything, ever?), but it was still an intensely interesting afternoon.

I assumed (being the type that assumes things incorrectly all the time) that they would do a test of some sort to confirm that I was in fact pregnant when I went to my initial appointment, but instead (this is the speed version) they just asked me how I was feeling, I told them fair to crummy, they said that was fantastically right on target and then I got the magic ultrasound wand stuck inside of me. I thought they'd have to to look around and try to find something, but no - "There it is!"

Imagine me going numb all over - and Renn was sitting on the other side of me trying to breathe and trying not to cry. Not only is it there, which in and of itself was enough to bowl me over because part of me thought that could never really happen, but we already have a heartbeat that is full of personality and movement and very very much alive. We even had wiggling, and measured at 8 weeks even. No more pink lines and X's, we've seen the real thing.

Mr. Renn is all teary and serious ever since and I can't decide how I am at all. Normally when I have news even nearing this magnitude I want to run around and tell absolutely everyone I see how happy I am. But Renn wants to wait and tell family (officially - those who aren't reading this) at Christmas. (Please keep our secret!)

I have to tell my boss before I tell anyone at work, and I haven't quite figured out the best way to do that yet, so I have to sit here and be quite all day which is totally contrary to my nature under such circumstances. I told Renn that if he wanted a great secret-keeper, he's got the wrong wife. Think I can make it another 10 Days?

I'll try to scan the picture from our 1st ultrasound and post it soon, unless anyone thinks that is a terribly bad idea.

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