Thursday, December 08, 2005


It's that time of year when gift baskets start showing up at work. Something about the protocol of our industry requires inordinate amounts of gift giving. We get gourmet cheese, crackers, chocolate, smoked salmon, popcorn, you name it. And we get it in huge amounts, all at once. This is especially unfortunate for me, as I can't stand to look at any of it. Pity.

Our house if officially in ruins. I haven't made the bed in over a week, dishes are piling up, it's all very sad. Poor Mr. Renn is already running around like mad, and I'm fairly useless. Especially in the mornings when I have to sit down and rest every 5 minutes to keep my tummy happy. This could be a very trying time for Mr. Renn. I think we need encouragement.

On a lighter note, the drywall is almost finished, it may get done today, and our room is looking more and more like a real room. This means I really need to start packing, which is laughable considering my current state of uselessness. Maybe I'll have to ask for help. Lots and lots of help. Sad sighs all around.

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