Friday, December 09, 2005


I meant to mention our Monday evening adventure. A Lady that shops where Renn works invited us to her house for dinner. She wanted to tell us her LDS conversion story. She grew up around Cincinnati and then became a Nun. I have found that nuns who are no longer nuns always have fascinating stories. (Limited experience) I've never heard a nun who is still a nun tell any stories, so I have nothing to compare it to really. She told us all about all of her family, her children, her 2 ex-husbands, and her conversion experience with Spencer W. Kimball, and then about all the genealogy and temple work she does for her family and for friends. I think listening to such stories is both entertaining and informative. It keeps people from the misconception that older generations are stuffy and boring. I don't think there's ever really been a stuffy and boring generation. Maybe that's part of the pity of television. Everyone is too caught up in the manufactured media produced stories to really listen to one another's stories, histories, concerns. I take all sorts of issues with television though - we'd best not go there.

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Em said...

Fairbanks never feels like a time commitment because he had the dashing swashbuckling thing ever going for him. I really like German pre-war silent films, but a lot of them are hard to get your hands on - check out "Cinema Europe" for an overview of some great stuff. My favorites - The Blue Light, Metropolis, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - but I'm also a sucker for silent comedy - and my all-time favorite there is Sherlock Jr. Such happy thoughts.

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