Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy Blog of Celebratoriness

Can you tell I don't have the internet at home (yet)? Give me a long weekend and I'm apt to fall off the face of the earth. But it's been a generally fantastic weekend (minus some puking) full of celebrating (New Years and our 2nd Anniversary!)

Friday Evening we went to a Holiday Party for Renn's friends from High School. How so many people manage to stay in touch for so long is beyond me. There's at least 12-15 people that show up every year and I think it's great. What wasn't so great was being around smelly food (I'm sure the food was great, it was just smelly) and barely making it home before I barfed. I had to push Renn out of the bathroom to barf, and I actually shoved him into the doorjam, which probably hurt. But I know he can't hear the sound of barfing without losing it himself, so I was really just trying to be kind. I think he realized that after he stopped being dazed and confused and upset.

New years Eve we just spent with my parents and my little sister. It was perfectly low-key and I even got to take a nap, which was extremely important. We played some games, had some treats (everyone but me, I nibbled on preggers food). My mom actually made some really good meals, but my fuzzy pregnant brain can't remember if that was Saturday, Sunday, or Monday or a combination of the above. I know she did a whole turkey once (couldn't eat it). I was awake at midnight to participate in the family game of "what did Dick Clark just say?" - poor guy. But I think staying up was a mistake. I was very sick when I got home.

We worked lots and lots on the basement over the long weekend. Yesterday we even got a wall painted! The color I originally picked was called "Dried Bay Leaf" - I though it was pretty and it had a pretty name. But everyone was afraid it was too dark a shade of green ('fraidy cats) - so I settled for a color called "Split Pea" - which isn't nearly as nice of a name, but the wall we have painted so far looks quite nice, so I'm sticking to my guns. My mother, the anti-risk taker just about hyperventilated at the thought of a non-white wall in her house, but it's just paint! If she really hates it we can white-wash it when we move out. If she really really really hates it we can repaint it before we move in. But I think she will be ok.

To celebrate our 2nd Anniversary Yesterday we finally bought a Mini DV camcorder! This is a huge deal as I've been a film school graduate without a camera for 2 years! Batteries are charging even as we speak and we'll be ready to go soon. Granted this is not a top of the line camera, you can't even adjust the aperture. But I knew I wanted a video camera before we had kids, so it was a good Christmas/Anniversary present. Renn also got me the picture book "Elephant/elephant - a book of opposites" - it's a hilarious French-minded book and I love it! (Another thing I love that I was introduced to by Ari, my friend mentioned in a previous post about how she is the perfect friend)

Last night we tried to go out and I almost made it. We went to the Olive Garden and I ate a little little bit, then we went to see Pride and Prejudice (again) and I made it through the movie ok to. It was just when we got back in the car and our take-out food seemed awfully smelly and Renn just couldn't drive home fast enough so he had to pull over to the side of the road while I puked my brains out. We were seriously less than 50 feet from home. It was pretty funny, I pull myself together and look up to find him plugging his ears and humming to try to keep himself from getting sick. Poor guy, how unlucky for him to get stuck with such a sick wife.

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Em said...

In school I mostly produced small-crew short narratives and on my own I like to do character-study documentaries. ( I once did a 7 minute piece on a guy named Evan who worked at the info desk at the Wilkinson Center... it was riotous)
Haven't done any of either for almost a year and a half though - sad thought. The camera we just bought is mostly for self-documenting purposes though.

My doctor says that those who stay sick after their first trimester are the vocal minority. I have tremendous hope for being more functional in a few weeks. In the meantime it's such a constant and all-consuming kind of ickiness (have you ever been sea-sick? - 24/7 for 2-3months) that it's hard not to think about it or talk about it or write about it. But there are people who barf every day for 9 months, oh how I hope that I am spared!

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