Thursday, January 05, 2006

Party Pooper

I was officially no fun last night. Renn's friends from work all got together and had a fondue party (meat, cheese, and chocolate - all sorts). He really wanted me to come. Part of me really wanted to go - but I knew that there would be smelly food, and evenings are proving to be the worst time of the day for me and smelly food (not that any time of day is proving to be good) So I stayed home.

I stayed home and ate cold cereal and read the Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. I feel so pathetic.

Happier thoughts:

Renn is painting the basement today! He and his dad may even get some of the track lights installed. I hope to get a picture taken sometime soon.

A bunch of maternity clothes I ordered from Old Navy's after-Christmas clearance arrived and I get to open them when I get home.

I'm having another Jamba Juice for lunch and they are reasonable nutritious and seem to stay down ok.

How's that for optimism?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I should read your blog more often...

I learned that:
-you and Renn are expecting
-you have (or are about to) move in with your folks
-are struggling with morning (all day) sickness
-are confident that your Mom will never read your blog ;)
-do not throw up as daintily as your mother (ask her about throwing up into a small dixie cup in the back seat of the Pinto we bought from Warren while on a ride over Little Mountain in Emigration Canyon when she was expecting Matthew)
-have a new digital movie camera (kewl!) {green w/ envy}
-Renn is giving you the royal treatment, even if his fingers are in his ears ;)

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