Friday, June 16, 2006

My favorite Belgian Film

I wish more people made movies like Pauline and Paulette. I've been trying for months now to find something as wonderful, honest, and compassionate (and not trite) and it doesn't seem to exist. Anyone who needs to feel good about life without feeling like a cheeseball ought to watch it. I wish I could find a picture of Pauline watering the lawn with a watering can. Divine.


Cam said...'re looking for a movie that is wonderful, honest, compassionate, and not trite. Does it have to be Belgian, too? If so, try Best Two Years, if Holland is close enough? [grin] If it doesn't have to be Belgian, try Its a Wonderful Life (just voted #1 of top 100 movies of all time), Pride and Prejudice, Chocolat, Room with a View, The Count of Monte Cristo, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Kid.

Em said...

Oooh - giving film recommendations to a film student is dangerous!

I promise, Pauline and Paulette is better! (And yes I've seen all of the above) I've yet to see anything equal it! (Except maybe Mostly Martha (German)... but that movie lacks the whimsical quality of Pauline and Paulette.... so they're hardly comparable)

Cam said...

At your recommendation, I was planning on trying to see Pauline & Paulette; however, after reading some of these reviews (which are mixed, at best), I'm having 2nd thoughts.

Kim asked me to also mention Enchanted April & Babette's Feast as two additional movies on her favorite list.

Em said...

What you talkin' bout? That's an awesome rating for rotten tomatoes...... mixed reviews? I don't see a bad one....
Am I missing something?

I love Babette's Feast.... although it's really hard to find a good print of it. Even the DVD version is pretty dark.

I can check out Enchanted April, but I'd have to find it first, and Netflix does not appear to be aware of its existence.... Does it perchance go by another name?

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