Friday, June 23, 2006

A new anxiety

So... Shelley is getting married today. I am anxious for her, hoping everything is going well. At the very least she has beautiful (warmish) weather. I got married in a blizzard and my nose and ears are purple in all the outdoor wedding photos.... so I have to envy the nice weather.

She very graciously sent me an invite to her reception (they were awesome invites too... she made little story books "The Story of Shelley and her soon to be DH") and I've decided I really want to go. So I'm going, right after work. I'm getting some last second jitters though. This will be my first time ever meeting someone in real life that I'd previously only known in the realm of the WWW. IT's a big step, no?

Well, (gulp) I am inexplicably nervous, but here goes....


Good news, not only was Shelley real, but she was gracious and adorable and the reception was absolutely gorgeous! It would have been a brilliant moment for me to be carrying a camera so I could prove to you both that Shelley is real and that her reception was gorgeous. I ended up having quite the conversation with Shelley's Mother-in-Law, and for some reason everyone kept asking me how I know Shelley.... and I was too chicken to say from the internet... so I lied. I said I was a friend/acquaintance from BYU.... I hang my head in shame.

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Cam said...

I echo what Tracy said. Yours and Renn's wedding and reception were one of the best I have ever attended.

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