Monday, July 09, 2007

Makeover Monday:goodness gracious

This is proving to be an interesting vacation. We find ourselves relying entirely on the hospitality of others for food, shelter, and transportation. While this is hopefully a sensation that will be limited to our dental school years, it is possible to learn a thing or two from it. Sometimes it is really hard to need help. Sometimes it is even harder to accept help. But really, extending help is as great a blessing as receiving it. It is incredibly difficult to find the balance between wanting to be entirely independent and wanting to be entirely taken care of. There's that confounded word balance again.
So, a balancing act.....coming right up.
How do we learn to be gracious about the blessings we receive at the hands of others? How do we learn to be gracious givers?
I'm all questions tonight.


Katie May said...

When find the answers, send them my way. We've been looking for them for months now.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, I'm living at my in-laws for the rest of the summer and it is difficult to know how to show your gratitude, have your own space without seeming rude and help out without over stepping... if you find the formula for balance, please pass it along.

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