Friday, October 26, 2007

my groove

Yeah, that's another laceration by his other eye. Bad mom awards for me.

Sorry I haven't had much to say lately. It kind of seems like I've resigned myself to my uneventful life and stopped trying to make it interesting, or describe it in interesting ways. This is probably aggravated by the nasty head cold/sinus infection that Sir O and I are suffering through together. The only thing worse than having a sick baby is being a sick mama with a sick baby. He's actually much more chipper about it than I am. Well, when he's not shrieking anyway.
This is, I think, a pretty all-consuming age. Especially for boys, with the whole added dimension of the physical need to move (constantly) that some boys come wired with (mine included). I literally cannot turn my back on him for 1 minute (or else he gets another war-wound on his face)..... and by the time I get him to nap or to bed, I am so tired. Not even physically tired, but mentally tired. Well, obviously I am physically tired, just not more so than before. I've found myself spending Sir O's nap time staring at walls, or watching the rain. Soothing "my brain is tired" kind of stuff.
He's such a smart cookie, and he's so much fun. But usually by about 4 pm, I'm all funned out. Mr Renn comes home and is able to make animated faces and use a non-monotone voice and I think "I used to be able to do that....". So I guess it's a good thing Sir O has 2 parents. What really makes me sad is that I'm having a hard time mustering up the energy and the patience to really teach him things. Between his inability to hold still for two moments in a row, and my exhaustion, all the "where's your nose/ear/belly?" games and "what does a dog/cat/cow say?" games just aren't happening. He's smart enough to learn these things, I'm just not smart enough to wipe myself up off the floor and consistently teach them.
Here's hoping that Sir O and I are both going through phases. It will pass, it will get better. I will miss this, right?


Anonymous said...

yes it will pass. Is there a Mom and tot play group you could join, most are free in exchange for supplying snacks some days.

or a mom's day out? I've heard of the, but there isn't one where I live. These activities might let Sir O let out a little steam.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I know all about the constantly moving thing... And my son was done taking naps at 20 months old. I hear ya on the being all tuckered out by the time the hubby gets home.:) Hugs!:)

hairyshoefairy said...

I'm sending you a box of virtual tissues for your poor head and nose. None fun.

I'm not so good at constantly asking those questions to Peanut either and she doesn't seem to care.

aLi said...

Relax, Em about the "learning games." He is learning more than you realize, and I know that you do a great job of taking care of him. That is all that really matters. As long as he feels safe, loved, and secure you are doing a great job.

Angela said...

Bad mom award nothing! I am the mother of two children who both had skull fractures in the same year. If I'm not a bad mom after that, and I'm not, then you are steller. (Gotta love active little boys!)

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