Thursday, October 25, 2007

What neighbors are for

And for that matter, what plastic totes are for.

Hours on end... quality entertainment.

Our house.

Oh how I love it when midterms are over.

(hopefully that also explains the lack of posting lately... and my current inability to form a sentence... and I wasn't even the one taking tests!)


Deena said...

Looks like Sir O's house is the coolest on the block!

tracy m said...

Anything that gets you hours of fun is totally worth it!

aLi said...

I'm giddy happy for you! I can relate! Right now I'm in the middle of going through "finals," thoughit Josh really doing it. They happen every 6 weeks, and this is the second round of them. I have until next Friday to "be done" with them. (Am I overusing the " " marks?)

aLi said...

wow, sorry about that typo. I ain't well at makin fixed up sentences, either.

Brittany said...

I hear you, just wish we lived closer to each other so we could "enjoy" these things together!

Completely unrelated Confession: I was a little bored at work today and started browsing through your older posts. I came across one about Skittles (I rememeber what a cute dog she was) and I started reading it, about when you had to let her go. You had me bawling at my desk! But you wrote it so well! Didn't mean to bring back bad memories, but it just touched me and I wanted to tell you.

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