Friday, November 23, 2007


My Thankful thoughts are in this realm. Lots of prayers for my Uncle Cam, fighting colon cancer.

I stood up on my chair at our dental Thanksgiving extravaganza to take a picture of everyone and realized I'd left my memory card at home. A smidgen of a disadvantage along with all that technology.

By and large, it was a lovely laid-back Thanksgiving. Sir O, laying back:

Playing with friends. Sir O with Cole and lil' mil... and some awesome fake cell phones that had Sir O occupied for over 10 minutes!

Now today we are decorating for Christmas. Sir O is being very helpful.

Our tree is looking a wee bit meager this year, as I realized I don't have many Oliver-proof ornaments. I will be smarter in the future.


Deena said...

I think your tree looks wonderful.

When you said that you stood up on your chair at the dental extravaganza, I was hoping that you did something crazy...

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Cute decorations! I need to get going and put mine up!:)

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