Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Mr Renn stayed home sick today, so it's been a low key facilitating others type of day.

I found some cool things. rocks. I just wish they had more listings for activities for preschool age kids. But since they are only collecting the information and not hosting the actual events I can't hold that against them.

Did you know about Sweater Day?
"In honor of Mister Rogers' birthday, people are invited to wear their favorite sweaters on March 20. The sweaters need not sport a zipper down the front like the one Mister Rogers wore on his program; just choose a favorite one to celebrate the man whose passion it was to connect children with their neighbors, their imaginations, and their world." [ &]

I personally am a Mr Rogers fan. The more you know about him the harder it becomes not to be a fan. (see this and this and aw heck, this and this and this and this) Cool beans.

What can I say? My keyboarding teacher in 9th grade was a huge Mr Rogers fan.... and told us all kinds of neat stories about him (I think he's met him once or something...) Anyone else reading this have Mr. Hansen for keyboarding and remember this?


Chantele Sedgwick said...

I seriously remember Mr. Hansen talking about Mr. Rogers! That is so funny! He was a nice guy. He gave me a dollar because I beat him at some game on the computer! I remember he had something wrong with his leg and always put it up on the desk when it bugged him. Also, he was very tall. VERY TALL. He went into David's work last week, and David said he is still a really funny guy. Ah...memories.:)

Brittany said...

Oh good ol'Mr.Hansen. I remember him wearing sweaters that looked like the ones Mr.Rogers wore. I also remember him being very tall, an skinny!

Also my hubby is a fan of Mr. Rogers too and he did soe pretty amazing things, I will have to agree.

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