Friday, May 09, 2008

White Coats

Big Day for (the new) "Student Doctor" Mr Renn

(Big day for me too, but in a less celebratory, more stressful sort of way.
" Oliver, no. Oliver, no. Oliver, what did I say? Oliver, no!")

Really and truly planning to catch my breath and document my life soon.


aLi said...

Cool for White coats!! Tell Renn big congratulations!!! That is soo awesome!
The dialogue with a toddler seems to be pretty consistent doesn't it? "" :P

Anonymous said...

White coats are so exciting!! And I just had the same conversation with Peanut a few minutes ago.

Katie May said...

Congrats, Renn! That's DEFINITELY an accomplishment for the whole family! Celebrate!

Angela said...

Congrats on the white coat. You'll be out of school so soon it will make your head spin!

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