Monday, July 14, 2008

Oliver's language barrier

Oliver's language barrier
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Ok, so I know that nearly EVERY kid goes through this as they learn more difficult consonant and dipthong sounds, but for some reason it is particularly funny to Mr Renn and I when it's OUR kid doing it.
My apologies to those who think I'm a terrible mother for posting this.


aLi said...

hee hee, so cute! It is such a thrill to hear your kid learn new words! It's especially funny when you're sitting in sacrament meeting and they are saying "shirt" but they can't really pronounce the R.
Way to go Sir O!

Anonymous said...

*snicker* Nope, not a bad mama. I'm laughing, too.

samunwritten said...

Ha. I love it.

Krystal said...

So funny! He is so cute. What is it about knowing a child is going to be a big brother or sister that makes them look or seem so much older. It only gets better and a lot sweeter from here. Enjoy him, cuz when you have another one it is so hard to get those one on one moments. It's good, but different you know? Hope all is well with you and baby.

Angela said...

I love it. Nathan used to say "Fire Fruck" I'll tell you that raised a few eyebrows!

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