Tuesday, March 10, 2009

side effects of spring break

Sir O with his favorite person of today, cousin Kason.

I keep forgetting to take pictures. Bad Mom.
Sir O is having the time of his life getting untold amounts of attention and playing with a myriad of new (to him) toys. He's having such a great time that he's usually overstimulated and ornery and possibly on a sugar high by 4 in the afternoon.

But he very rarely asks me to play with him, which is what makes this a vacation for me after all. Nobody would want to vacation forever, but in small infrequent doses it is lovely.

Although trying to meet up with all the principle players of the first 24 years of your life in just one week is ridiculously ridiculous. I alternate between feeling guilty for not being able to spend the time we'd like with everyone, and feeling guilty for assuming we are important enough to people for them to drop everything and hurry and make time to see us while we are here. Well that and feeling guilty for dragging Sir O lots of places and then making him leave them just as soon as he's decided he likes it there.

We had an extended family photo taken today and my kids were the difficult ones. I need to remember in the future that small children and evenings and cameras and crowds and strangers are a bad combination. Unless you want a photo of Sir O screaming and writhing, in which case it is the formula for success.

I miss being close enough to family that at the end of getting together with anyone you are able to plan your next meeting.

Utah weather/air/humidity has managed to turn my face into sandpaper. I've never had dry skin on my face before, it's quite the new experience.

Clearly I am too tired to be cohesive, time to stop.


--jeff * said...

i'm glad that you're enjoying the key elements of your vacation without wanting it to stay that way forever.
and that you have time to write at 1 in the morning.

Aubrey said...

Seed cookies!! You're the BEST, Em!

A million thanks, the baby seems to enjoy them too.

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