Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Passing Time

We ricochet from being overstimulated to being bored out our ears around these parts.
Today we found ourselves braving 80+% humidity, rising temperatures, and no car.
So we had an outing before it got TOO muggy. (Not before it was uncomfortable, just before it was asphyxiating).
The poor captain just looked at us like we were crazy.

Sir O kept asking me to pick him (wild) flowers. When we got home an old man in the laundry room told Sir O he was a good boy for picking flowers for his mommy. I chuckled inside at the irony. The flowers are now at home in a blue vase on the kitchen table.

I never seem to have the camera ready at the right moment.
And my stash of floral tape is in danger of annihilation. Floral tape is fascinating stuff when you are nearly 3 years old. It is only sticky when it is stretched.

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