Sunday, July 04, 2010

What Sir O might remember

I realized about a year ago that Sir O had only been to see a temple once, and was less than a year old at the time.  I've been meaning to make the effort to make a special trip with him since this realization.  (Not living 3.5+ hours from a temple makes a world of difference with such good intentions...)  This afternoon Sir O was really struggling finding a way to keep himself occupied that was appropriate for the Sabbath, and so we spontaneously made the trip to the Bountiful Temple grounds.  It worked out perfectly, as Sir O's primary lesson today was on temples.  Granted, we only know that because of the handout he brought home.  His response to every inquiry about what he learned in primary today was, "I can't know".  Despite our best efforts, I don't think we taught him anything he'll remember either, except maybe pointing out the moonstones around the temple, he thought those were cool.  But maybe, just maybe, he'll remember going to see it, period.  That would be enough.

@ Bountiful Temple Grounds

@ Bountiful Temple Grounds

@ Bountiful Temple Grounds

@ Bountiful Temple Grounds

@ Bountiful Temple Grounds


Ashley said...

That third picture is a hoot. What cute boys. I love that Temple.

K-Krew said...

That's funny - Lucy recently stopped saying "I can't know". Love the temple photos - we go to that one whenever we visit Thom's parents.

--jeff * said...

yes; mostly, that's just a most excellent picture of the captain.

like elder bednar said, he may not remember this one time, but doing this simple, "forgettable" things creates a big effect that won't be lost.

keep it up.

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