Wednesday, March 02, 2011

paradigm shift

any tuesday in February

A rather random series of clicks led me yesterday to mamapundit's blog.  (And it had nothing whatsoever to do with politics).  I spent over an hour poring over her posts about her recently deceased oldest son and peeling away layers of my artifice to let it pierce the real me.  This post especially made me think and feel more than I have in weeks.  Since becoming a mother of sons I am normally excruciatingly sensitive to disturbing thoughts such as these, but today I needed them.  Sometimes you need the hard-slap rather than the gentle-tap to remind you where your heart should be.
So today I spent time loving-on each of my boys with their faces in my face.  I tried to memorize their profiles and their scents and their unconscious noises.  I said "I love you" so much they started laughing at it.  I kissed stubbed toes, I read stories, I answered every one of the 400 "why" questions I got asked today.
And I was thankful.
Today was a gift.


hairyshoefairy said...

I need a hard slap every once in a while, too. Just reading this post helped me with that. I'm glad you had some loving yesterday.

--jeff * said...

i think we all need a moment to realize how seriously dang awesome things around us really are.


The Skinners said...

Those are the most precious moments, just hanging out with the kids. Your boys are so sweet.

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