Thursday, March 03, 2011

58 degrees today

Sometimes you've just got to get out of the house.
And sometimes there is a sleeping baby keeping you from leaving the house.
(I am of the "never wake a sleeping baby without good reason" persuasion)
So today during Sir O's preschool I took the Captain out in the yard and started playing gardener.  We wallowed in mud and prepared a flower bed for spring.  Lots of raking involved, which the Captain is fortunately proficient at.


Although, truth be told, he spent most of the time doing this:


Our gentleman did eventually join us, and he seems quite thrilled with the idea of his first spring .  I suspect there's something of a green thumb in this baby.


Let's hope the weather holds.  We've got one flower bed down and about 40 to go!  (And by "we"  I mean..... you know....just me.)


Lizzie said...

Ooo, just reading the title and the jealousy began, not to mention that you started your yard work too! Love the adorableness of your little guys. Enjoy that sun a little extra for me.

Carolanne said...

Look at that grin! I think you might be right about him, he looks pretty excited to be outside. I know it's work, but your pictures of gardening make me excited to do my own. Something about cool dirt and spring air is really intoxicating.

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