Sunday, March 06, 2011

Life is Good

Saturday, in the park

The best things in life are not the easy things.
In my case, there are 3 little boys near the tippy-top of that particular list.
Ok, 4.
And despite the fact that my weekend was steeped in every variety of bodily fluid....  (blood, check. vomit, check, urine, check.) I'm still glad I got the chance to be the one in the thick of it all.
I'm (finally) starting to figure out how it is that people say straight-faced and sap-free that being a mom is the best job in the world.  Not something you can truly believe without trying it on for size; or at least wanting to with all your heart.


--jeff * said...

my weekend only had chocolate frosting.

you win.

keep up the good work, em.

we're all cheering for you. : )

Bryce and Miranda said...

What a uplifting and motivating out look. Thanks for encouraging us all. We need to get together soon.

aLi said...

your buddy jeff makes me laugh!!!

It's funny, cause I've been feeling the same thing. I've never thought being a mom is the best job in the world. For sure not while I had 1 kid, not really when I had 2, but 3 kids later and I'm starting to enjoy it. Am I crazy?
Honestly though, I think I have zoloft to thank for enjoying it, finally.

Carolanne said...

I count my husband too.

shelley said...

As someone who had to rinse copious amounts of spit up from my hair and is writing this with one hand at 2:14 AM, I hear ya!

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