Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to have a long day

Our dear Mr Renn had another morning of testing the waters at his *new* job yesterday.  We elected to have me bring the boys down for a late lunch and then make an afternoon of exploring our new town.  Sir O got to meet his new preschool teacher (who reminds us a lot of his current preschool teacher, whom we all adore), the boys got to play in the "kids room" in the waiting area of the clinic (it has a treehouse, a tv, and at least one monster truck), and we checked out in person a few of the rental houses we'd been considering online.  Most of them were in neighborhoods that we were only "alright" with.  There were only 3 that I felt any real energy about.   And one of them, of course, I fell head-over-heels in love with.

dream rental yard

dream rental yard

It has the most perfect back yard known to man.  It also has only 1000 square feet and 0 closets in the entire house.  It would be tiny and tight living there, but a part of me can't fathom living anywhere else just now.  It is right across the street from the Art Museum, and the kids played in the backyard for over an hour and we had to peel them away with great alligator tears.   All of us want to live there, we just think the lack of space inside might just kill us.  We'd definitely have to have a storage unit again.  We'll see.

dream rental yard

We stopped by Sammy's in Provo for dinner on the way home. (A friend from my freshman ward is married to "Sammy")

Family dinner at Sammy's

 It was as cool as I'd hoped, and the food was a good as I'd hoped.  But it wasn't as kid-friendly as I'd hoped.

Family dinner at Sammy's

 I also had a "welcome to Utah county" moment when I was surrounded by 3 moms trying to force their kids to be cute so they could mamarazzi them with their dSLRs.  I was happy that at that moment my camera was out of sight.  That part of life "down south" will be an adjustment for me.

Family dinner at Sammy's

Do people really sign a lease for a house and move in a week later?  Everybody wants their rentals filled by June 1st and we are not moving until July.  I can't quite wrap my brain around not planning ahead more than that.  Perhaps it's because I'm moving from far enough away that I can't buzz over to look at a new listing.  A rather large part of me is anxious to nail down our new temporary home and move on to the next stressor.  How have you handled temporary housing?

5 comments:, the way of the hummingbird said...

oh yes! - i can see why you fell in love ... the charm, the quaint, the fun yard ... i can also see your predicament. though i may venture to say, i'd bet a dime on seeing you living there in near future. =)
i miss you terribly and still hope i'll see you again not too terribly long from now

Katie May said...

IN answer to your question, it's with a lot of organizational hangings and a whole lot of, "well, it'll just have to work!". That house is adorable and I hope you find what fits you all best. Are you starting Oliver in kindergarten? That was our biggest stressor!

hairyshoefairy said...

That is such a charming place! The backyard does look great. Good luck in choosing a place. Housing can be so difficult. I ran into the same thing when I came here to find a place while we were still living in Utah. I wanted to find a place for June so I came in April. I ended up having to pay for May, too, in order to get a place. So it sat empty for a month until we were ready to move into it. Dumb but apparently that's the way it works these days??

Em said...

@Katie May - with o's summer birthday we're holding him back and doing another year of preschool. Preschool was still my biggest stressor, but that is resolved and housing is not... so that's my biggest remaining stressor.

Camille Spence said...

Hey, we're in Utah County too!! If you need any help unpacking or anything this summer, I'm a hop, skip, and a jump away! Or if you two would like a night off, and let Logan and I try to practice our parenting skills, we could do that too.

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