Monday, May 23, 2011


Our Dear Mr Renn is in for some big changes.

Renn profile

Chief among them being the transition from a 50+ hour workweek to a 30-35 hour workweek. We're mostly excited about that, but there is some trepidation as he is easily prone to stir-craziness.   If we can manage to cut his hour-long commute down to a 10 minute one, we are going to find ourselves with a barrel full of time.

My hope is that while most of that time is bound to get eaten up by long to-do lists and projects, that Mr Renn finally gets a chance to pursue some of his non-dentist aspirations that have been shelved for pretty much our whole married lives.  The man wants to learn to play the bagpipes, certify as a master gardener, earn scads of indexing points, perfect recipes, and teach his kids lots of cool stuff.  It's easy to remember how I fell in love with him.

Family dinner at Sammy's

We're just so out of practice in the realm of "pursuing interests" and "having a life outside of school/work" that we may have to get our sea legs as a family as we adjust to it all.  It will be the first time since I've even known Mr Renn that he won't consider himself a student.  And redefining your identity is always tricky.

And a little bit exciting.


hairyshoefairy said...

Isn't it funny, considering how long we've both been married, that neither of us has never not been doing the husband-in-school thing? It seems strange that it will be changing. It's exciting! I'm sure it will be wonderful once you all figure out the new balance life with take.

--jeff * said...

i really seriously dig this post and all the hopefulness contained therein.

like, it's very awesome.

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