Friday, May 27, 2011

in the midst

I seem to be having one of those months where life flies by in double-time. I am perpetually strapped for time and my children never seem to get the memo that they need to be cooperative and in good health in order for me to pull everything off. Things that seem like they should take 30 minutes take 3 hours. I am constantly bombarded with messes and potty breaks. My "packing timeline" keeps getting put off until I hyperventilate at the crunch it's creating for me. And I'm having to face the reality that I may not know where I'm going to be setting up a home until a week or two ahead of the move.
All of this craziness lends itself to lowering the bar. To shameful levels sometimes.

But to prove that God is aware of me, I still get ample tender mercies. This morning with 2 of my 3 children sick in bed, I was eating breakfast with the Captain and began the meal a somber distracted lady. Then the Captain decided that forking pieces of banana into his mouth (an otherwise common occurrence) was hilarious. He would take bites with great flourish and then laugh his head off after each one. Utterly irresistible, contagious laughter - it's a gift of his. And pretty soon I was in a remarkably improved mood, even if I do still have two miserable littles this morning, and places I need to be by this afternoon.

dinner in the orchard

And... while I typed that our gentleman just pummeled me with copious baby vomit. Serious, power-vomiting.  I expect I'm going to use up every iota of positive energy I can scrape up today.


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Carolanne said...

I don't have anything helpful to offer, but I had to leave a comment because I couldn't bear the "0 people love me" at the bottom of this post. I'm thinking about you! Moving is awful, sick kids are double awful, but you are being watched out for.

The banana moment is priceless.

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