Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Good Year

fam Christmas photo
photo by Ginnie J.  No, you can't have her, she's all ours.

(Somewhere in my mind I thought I pressed "publish" on this post a few weeks ago, but just found it sitting as a "draft" today.  Early onset dementia, here we come.)

I really can't complain about 2011.  It came, it went, life happened.  Mostly good things.  As usual, my only substantial trials are merely the side-effects of my blessings.

I chopped all my hair off.  I finally got a real camera.  I came to grips with the severity of the Captain's speech issues.  I got a better handle on the scope of Sir O's anxiety and sensory issues.  We all loved on our gentleman because he's just so dang smiley.  And he's finally become a great sleeper. (When he's in his own bed.)  I started a business, and proceeded to burn myself out with 2 weddings and moving in a 3 week period.  The business still exists, but I haven't been actively soliciting work.

It was the year with the fewest blog comments to date.  I've been tempted to get rid of comments altogether so I'll stop wondering what I'm doing wrong.  I'm a ninny that way.

Mr Renn gave up the identity of a student and began the adjustment to having people think he's an expert.  (He is an expert, but sometimes it seems strange to him still).  We moved our little family out of my parent's spare bedrooms and into a far away (rented) home of our own.  And we sent Mr Renn off to night school to become a master gardener.

Now we're sort of settled into a new routine.  We're getting excited about things that may be around the corner.  (A home and garden of our own would be a most excellent addition to our lives, don't you think?)  And we're getting more serious about setting goals and expanding our comfort zones in the new year.

I still get stir-crazy about every other month and wish I was doing more with my life.  And poor Mr Renn has to listen to me go on about it every time.  That may never change.

But I think all of our most important bases are covered as we reflect on the past year.  Our health, our relationships, our faith and our careers (ok, maybe just Renn's) have all had a thriving year.

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