Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mr Productive strikes again

Mr Renn had his first genuine day off in almost a month recently, and so of course he tackled a major project with it.

gentleman's dresser

The night before we made a family trip to the DI, and Mr Renn was determined to finally get a dresser for our gentleman, whose clothes have been living on a bookshelf in his closet since we moved in.

gentleman's dresser

There was only one dresser in the store that fit his price range, but it was a sturdy and solid one, so we bought it, stopped at the hardware store to pick out paint and new hardware, and 24 hours later he had it entirely transformed.  The stark contrast between Mr Renn's capacity for productivity right now and mine is not lost on me.  But the dresser is a beauty, isn't she?

gentleman's dresser

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