Monday, June 25, 2007

Makeover Monday: taming the beast...or at least caging it.

Somedays I hate hormones...
Days like today for example. I become the worst version of myself, constantly taking offense, snapping at innocent bystanders, escalating arguments, sulking.
Bad news.
I have yet to find a way to turn the switch off on hormones on days like today. But I have found that if I explain to Mr Renn that I'm having a really hormonal-type day, he is willing to give me some space. Some time to myself to CALM MYSELF DOWN and get myself back in working order. Some time ALONE, with no expectations that I be productive during that time.
Usually that's all I need to be able to function again. Naps don't hurt either.
But I get really annoyed with the huge steps backward that hormones seem to cause in my quest for being the person I want to be. Grrr.... there are days when I'm dissapointed in my response to every little thing.
And I'm told that when these hormones finally leave me I will miss them terribly. Heaven help me.
Does anyone have any secrets in the meantime?


tracy m said...

Hmmm. When you figure this out, will ya let us know? Cause sometimes I just want to get off the roller coaster. Seems like about 1/2 the month I'm normal, the other half I'm either wild, or, well, otherwise unpleasant.

You've got a hard sell convincing me I'll miss this...

hairyshoefairy said...

Same here. I don't think I'll be missing this either. Usually NYDD's the one to notice I'm hormonal before I do. He asks me about it and then, well, usually I get incredibly defensive and tell him, no, he's the one with issues, but really, inside, I know it's me. I just don't like being called on it. If anyone else has suggestions I'd like to know, too.

Deena said...

When I'm feeling like that, it helps if I just allow myself to feel like crap for a while. Just feel it...I try to put a time limit on it before I consciously force myself to move on. But during that time I really feel it. Wallow in it. Eat something bad for me. Do something unproductive. Watch something ridiculous and uneducational. Then when my time is up, I move on. Unless I don't feel like it yet. I was having a hormonal day after all, wasn't I?

Ginnie said...

I find that sometimes my husband has to perform an exorcism of sorts...."demons be gone". On the occasion that that doesn't work, then it's off to indulge myself in high calorie chocolates and ice cream. This is actually no different then any other time of the month, but this time I can justify eating it beacuase I’m “PMS-ing”. I'd also like to point out, that I feel PMS is best described as “Post Marital Stress”. Because during this period of time, it seems that every “beastie” feeling can be tied back to my husband, whom I love so dearly, might I add. If only our husbands could acquire the skill of mind reading, the world we be a better place, or at least my world any way.

aLi said...

I'm just glad to know that I am not the only one out there that get's ridiculously onery and incapable to be around. It's time's like that that make me want to publish on my blog all the little things bugging me.
I find relief in screaming... with all the windows shut and the baby safely tucked into his crib.
Or chucking a loaf of bread across the room. You don't damage anything! (except maybe just smush the bread a little bit). :)
I'm so glad you posted about this. I thought you never had meltdowns and were always making crafty projects, always doing something productive. I'm so glad to find out you're normal!!!!
Refer to my second post ever, it's about one of my meltdowns.

samunwritten said...

Secrets? I'm searching myself.
I woke up today in a fabulous mood. Still excited about my photoshoot from yesterday. I walked into work and it all went downhill. I'm in the worst mood tonight and I have no idea why.
Usually alone time does it for me, but I'll have no such luck tonight. I'm stuck in a room with 6 other people until 7:00 AM.
If I have some sort of breakthrough, I'll let you know.

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